We help children with learning, behavioral and emotional difficulties.

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What we do?

Psychology practice Rosâne Faries offers help to children with learning difficulties, behavioral and emotional problems. The practice mainly offers psychodiagnostics and therapy to children and guidance to their parents and school.

Care Process

Step 1: Intake interview

The intake interview is the first interview in which the child’s parents explain their request for help. This conversation lasts a maximum of 75 minutes. Only the parents come at the first interview. The conversation with the child will take place later.

Requirements for the intake:

  • If you have an SVB insurance policy, you must ask your doctor to send a referral letter via the “zorgportaal”.
  • If you have private insurance, you must request a referral letter from your doctor and obtain a guarantee letter from your insurer.
  • If you don’t have an insurance, you can pay cash. For more info of rate, look at the costs.

Step 2: A psychodiagnostic process

This part follows after the intake interview. 

What does a psychodiagnostic examination look like?
In the first interview, the psychologist conducting the examination will explain to the child what the examination will look like. Depending on the request for help, it is determined which tests are required. Usually an investigation consists of one or more interviews, a school visit, the taking of questionnaires and the execution of practical tests, writing or storytelling assignments. 

Active input of  he child is of great importance for the research. Sometimes the researcher will ask you to ask someone who knows your child, for additional information. 

Step 3: Results

The results of the examination and the recommendations are discussed with the
parents and processed in a report. In the report you can find the recommendations
for the school and home. This will be sent by email. Some of the children’s need to
start therapy at Psychologie Praktijk Rosâne Faries and others are referred to
another psychologists or to other professionals as part of their treatment plan.


The total duration of the psychodiagnostic process from the first interview to the
interview with the result takes on average four to eight weeks. The duration of the
therapy process depends on the treatmentplan, count on an avarage of two to nine


The SVB insurance covers all the psychological services. Other private insurance covers the costs totally or partially. If you don’t have SVB insurance and you want to pay cash, you can. The rates per services are in guilders:

Intake 151.58
Individual Psychotherapy 121.26
Consult By Phone 60.63
Psycho-educational Guidance 121.26
Parent Guidance 121.26
Neuropsychological Examination 1455.12
Psychological Research 1455.12
Additional Research 848.82
Orthodidactic Examination 727.56

When or for whom can psychiagnostic examinations be requested?

It is always about answering a specific question. For example, you can think of:

  • Is there a learning disorder such as dyslexia or dyscalculia?
  • Is there an attention deficit with hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)?
  • What is someone’s level of intelligence? What are the strengths and
  • Your child has a language development delay?
  • Are there indications of autism?
  • Are there memory disorders?
  • Is there fear of failure?
  • What are the personality and career areas that would best suit to you child
  • Does you child have an anger issues, depression, anxiety or other emotional problems. What are the causes of the emotional problems?
  • Does the child have a post traumatic stress disorder?

About Rosâne

I’m a Clinical Psychologist, Christian Coach and Addiction Therapist.

After finishing my Masterstudy as clinical psychologist in San José, Costa Rica in
2001, I came back to my beautiful Island Curaçao where I was born.

I love to work with kids and help children. Since I was young I saw my parents helping a lot of children with learning difficulties and with psychosocial problems. They inspired me to what is my Passion today: A healthy and happy Child. Love our new generations!

Rosâne Faries

Since August 2001 till December 2018 I worked at Fundashon pa Maneho di Adikshon (FMA). FMA is a non-governmental organization that coordinates all activities related to addiction prevention and treatment. I started as a pioneer and creator of different treatment programs. I worked as an addiction therapist, coordinator and care-manager of the organization. I did a master study online in addiction treatment and prevention. In the 17 years I got a lot of experience and knowledge trough different courses and internships in different countries around the world.

Next to my work at FMA, I had my private psychology practice. From the beginning I mostly attended children but during the years I also treated adolescents and adults. I’m a cognitive behavioral and EMDR therapist and I’m a Cogmed coach. For about 10 years my office was at Carcasbaaiweg 193B, but since 2 years the office has moved to Heelsumstraat 86.

Christian Coaching is the latest study I finished this year. I’m ready to give you coaching sessions, trainings and consulting.

Other Services

Psychology Practice Rosâne Faries also offers other services such as coaching in the private and professional area.


Do you have a vision, a future plan or you want to get the most out of yourself but you experience a blockage in your personal or professional life, you can come to me for a coaching proces.


On request, I give different trainings, courses, workshops and interactive presentations to companies, schools and interested parties.

There are no upcoming events at this time.
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Contact Us

  • Our opening hours are Monday till Thursday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
  • You can reach the practice by telephone or via a whatsapp message at +59996708468 and +59995251800.
  • You can leave a message at this page or send an email with your questions to info@rosanefaries.com.
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